A dreamer livin’ the dream sans money and fame. Sometimes it’s just a façade, but I’m constantly finding ways to persuade myself to believe that every day is the best day of my life, even the “bad” ones. With such a perspective, I pay attention to the details of life and often believe that my experiences are worth sharing with the world. In order to justify this narcissism, there’s a few family members out there who do actually care about me and the things I’m doing, so, for the record, this is just for them, anyone else who happens to read it is just fate in action and if the blog ever catches on I’ll be like “Oh, wow.. people are reading it? How cool.. fame was never my intention. This was just for me, you know. And a few family members. I can’t believe it caught on, but whatever you know, no big deal,” even though on the inside I’ll be “Of course this is happening.” In reality, I’m doing this for the world and I want everyone to know about everything I do, even strangers and mean people. So here be some of the stories of my life. I’ll keep the sexual escapades out of it for the most part, but just know, those are also happening.

chair pic


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