I am hero. 

Unique chain of events today led to me potentially saving this dog’s life tonight. Who am I kidding … I saved its life! I AM A HERO. I didn’t wanna do it. I was cold and hungry, much like this dog was when I found it walking outside Chick-fil-a on Sunset Blvd. (busy area). I had my to-go order in hand, on my way to the car, free from responsibility! Until I reluctantly stopped to pick up little doggy. It moved slow and tried walking briskly away from me. Its pursuit of escape failed miserably. I lifted him with one arm, food and drink in the other, and prayed the little guy didn’t pee on me. Didn’t. Went to the nearest table I could find which just happened to be in an area with 40mph winds and some crazy guy who was talking to himself. I called the number on the dog’s caller, “My Daddy” was the owner’s name, and left a message, sent a text, and he finally called back, desperately grateful and said he’d be there in 5 minutes. The dog shook in fear every 7 seconds, despite my soothing petting and happy falsetto voice. Still didn’t pee thank god. Meanwhile I took the disgruntled photo below and collected the following quotes from the crazy guy whom I successfully avoided eye contact with: “You’re sinners!” He then spat violently on the ground. “You’re a loser you’re not anything. Look at that big fuckin nose. Looks like a duck.” Don’t think he was talking to me … profound stuff … anyway the owner finally showed up. He said the dog is 15 now and he had it since it was 2 months old (which I assume he said in order to prove to me he’s been a good owner for the last 14 years and 10 months). The crazy winds knocked down something in the yard allowing the dog to escape. I didn’t hint at any expectation of reward, but as soon as the conversation lulled he said he’d give me free weed at a dispensary he owns.. Great.. SO much better than money….. (seriously 😎👌) Anyway … chain of events that led me to that moment: 
• On a film set all day that finally wrapped at 6, then we went to drinks and took our sweet time doing so. 

• Show up at Chick-fil-a and the drive-thru was CLOSED!!! Which never happens ever. 

• Park and get in line, which of course is super long cuz closed drive thru, and stand in line in heavy wind for way too long. 

• Naturally as soon as I order I notice the drive thru is now open, and when I leave with my food the line is 1 person long … 
…and it all timed out perfectly for me to walk by this dog as I left. 
In retrospect I should have taken a friendlier photo, but in the moment I was uncomfortable, scared of crazy preacher man, and annoyed at having to be the one stuck doing this good deed … and hungry! I’ve hesitated to do this in the past and this is the first time I’ve actually ended up calling the number on the collar and waiting with the dog. Such a risk, getting involved with a stranger’s life! But, I reunited a family member, ate cold Chick-fil-a, and may potentially get some free drugs. Plus, look at all this quality time we’ve spent together! I can’t believe you read all this!! You may have lost track of time … if so, forgive me. Quick, look at the time! Oh no you’re late!! Sorryyyyyy!!!! To the rest of you, happy pooping.  



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