From Oct. 3 ‘14, it got 140 likes on facebook omg:

First day as a sub today. Taking the CBEST 6 years ago finally paid off! Even though, it wasn’t required with this company… I made them call me Mr. Larson, hahhah.. But it was a fancy private school where they call their teachers by their first name, so then I felt like a pompous ass. One kid asked to go to the bathroom and I said “I’ll allow it.” Nobody laughed. Except me. Ahhh.. Can’t wait for more captive audiences. But man! Donut, breakfast burrito, coffee included! I felt like I was on set with craft services, but instead if hangin ‘round all the directors and producers, I was with their kids instead…I consider this a step in the right direction. Are you STILL reading this??? You’re such a good person. Lemme know who you are and I’ll put you in my will.


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