From May 29 ‘14, got 19 likes on facebook omg:

Our facial expressions are so.. what’s the words.. in sync! Okaaay maybe his is a little more … in sync … than mine. (That’s Joey Fatone (from Dancing With The Stars (also from 90’s boy band N’Sync (the one with Justin Timberlake). He’s pretty famous n stuff, much more than me, except right now!! Because more of you know me than him. He actually asked ME to take this picture.‪ #‎lies‬)

Added on Tumblr post date (right now):

I was never a big N’Sync fan because I thought that it wasn’t cool to like a group of attractive teenage boys who sang and danced in unison. And it wasn’t. But now that I’m 30 and have listened to Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”, my crossover song that allowed me to appreciate pop music instead of just 90’s and earlier rock, I can accept, instead of reject, a poppy boy band song when it comes on the XM Radio station I’m listening to. Still not buying their album, but “Bye, Bye, Bye” was a great song, with an easy dance…

When I met Joey I thought shortly afterwards about what a perfect last name he has for a musician. “Fa” as in “do-re-me-FA…” COMBINED WITH “tone” which, duh, refers to sound. I told that to someone and they separated the words differently… “Fat” and “one” which is perfectly awful because he had puffier cheeks than any of the other four guys. By America’s awful standards out of the 5 guys, HE was the “fat one” and his last name is “Fatone” … What are the fuckin odds. He must still shake his head about that. However I still prefer my original observation of it being a combination of “Fa” and “tone”.. STILL.. what are the odds? Just a perfect name. Lovely guy too, I didn’t even have a scene with him and he still took the picture with me.. I wonder if it aired.. I should update my resume… The show was called “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand” or something Fresh Princey like that…


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