From March 31 ‘14, got 74 likes on facebook omg:

My parents are getting some work done on their house. One of the company’s employees was left alone, finishing up. When he was done, the rain began, he planned to take the bus home. I drove him home instead. He said he’s from Guatemala and hasn’t been home in 9 years. So on the way to his place I gave him my phone so he could scroll through photos I took of a trip to Guatemala last year. He laughed at some of them… Then he started crying hysterically and awkwardly hugged me and wouldn’t let go… Just kidding, but he did laugh and was happy to see them. As the kid of the owners of the house he’s working on, and having just leisurely traveled to his homeland for fun, as he’s doing manual labor in the rain bussing it home… I felt SO better than him. JUST KIDDING! Sheesh.. He actually seemed like a much happier person than me. I was jealous. I ripped my phone away from him and said NO MORE FOR YOU! Just kidding.. He handed it back graciously and said something I couldn’t understand. I laughed as if I did understand, he thanked me for the ride and left. Fortunately I stopped the car before he got out. But then I stepped on the gas when he was halfway out and said “AMERICA” as maniacally as possible—just kidding. Very nice guy. Forgot to ask his name. It was more of a spiritual connection. Now I return home to my now cold coffee and House of Cards s1ep7… “Are you not entertained?!” -Noah. “I’m okay you’re okay.”-some ’90s band. Are you still reading this? I love you.


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