Dear World,

Thus begins a new chapter in my life where I start writing bullshit like everyone else and hope that my shit stinks even slightly less than everyone else’s shit. Any previous posts you see here were written as an employee of a happy, friendly neighborhood magazine. I’m not that guy anymore. The only reason I still leave those posts is so that I can market myself as a veteran blogger with 5 years experience. Hopefully nobody notices the 4-year-ish gap.

Over the years I’ve gone back and forth with my inner demons on whether or not I’m worth a shit. That’s a lie, I’ve always known I have talent. That’s a lie. Still lying. Now neither of us know how I really feel, which is fine by me.

I’m done being patient on my lazy fuckin ass to come around and start trying to make a difference, or so I tell myself. I just see so much of everything blasted out into the world every fucking day that it’s just too much. Toooo fucking much. BUT.. if people are reading everyone else’s crap, I might as well try and make a positive dent in it all.

I like words … at least I used to. My brain has really deteriorated over the years of inaction as, instead of sitting down and putting pen to paper (I guess “fingers to plastic” is a more updated way to say that (what would “pen to paper” be classified as … an idiom? a term of endearment? a phrase?! I don’t know, or care. This is an example of my aforementioned deterioration)).

Words With Friends is back in my life, but I don’t think it’s contributing much to positive brain function. Gonna stop myself right here. I am generally an open book. People ask how I’m doing and I’ll give them an honest answer. An answer so honest that they’ll never ask how I’m doing ever again. But overall things are fine. Just unsatisfied with myself and the world, so here I am to start changing both of those things, or so I tell myself.

I plan to write on anything and everything, and we’ll see if it happens.. I hate the limitations of categorizations and themes. I’m going to go find a current event and state my opinion on it. I’ll start from there. Dear god I hope I keep doing this.

If you read all this … keep it to yourself. I’ll proofread everything I write, except this. I plan to keep writing enough so that I’ll push this blog to the ether below, but I felt I needed a transitional message between what I plan to write from here, and the bullshit fluff below.

Done with this one.

Nice to meet you.


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