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Obama Correspondents' Dinner

I don’t often do this … but look at that guy. Just look at him! I’ve always felt incredibly inspired by Barack Obama’s character, but not until now have I felt a stronger urge to say so.


I am not a politician. I do not follow the minute details of government legislation. Has President Obama done a “good job” within his first 100 days? I don’t even care, well, not enough to speculate about it and determine what to expect for the next 1,300-plus days. He is who he is. We voted him in. What’s done is done. It’s outta my hands!!!

What I like about this guy is his attitude. He’s always realistic, considerate, understanding—and he actually seems to give a sh*t about people other than himself. Whether he’s genuine or not, people believe that he is. America has become a very selfish, intimidating environment. NOT everywhere, but that’s how the media generally represents us to the world, and ourselves. If people are told who they are, stereotypically, they may act accordingly. Mindset is the most important change America can ask for; Obama is the role model we need.

And he's in SHAPE! No way...                            (Way.)

And he's in SHAPE! No way... (Way.)

My dad once said to me, “In my life, everyone who I’ve met that looked like a scumbag, turned out to be just that:

(no relation to previous statement ........................ ;-)

a scumbag."

oooOOOOOooo … controversy. Hit me with your best shot.



2 thoughts on “Obama

  1. This is a sad opinion to give a politician. This should be in entertainment weekly or maybe a tabloid magazine or something. That’s what the problem is with media and people. They only care about how a person looks, or how he talks, how good he makes people feel. And people give Obama a slide because on his external qualities, and forget that his policies are a complete slap in the face of the people who voted him in office. From healthcare, to the bailout, to his support of torture and government spying. All these things get a pass because he’s in shape and he’s a “down to earth” kind of guy.


  2. Just because I’m bored to tears at work and was reading through what Matt here said IN A BLOG ((not a paper)) I thought I’d give “Charles,” here a slap in the face as well. Breaking news ((about 9 months ago…long enough for a woman to obtain pregnancy and birth a child in case he doesn’t know)) PRESIDENT BUSH put over 80 BILLION into Govt. bail outs. Just thought I’d remind him. Obama has yet to Bail anyone out of anything. Healthcare may not be the best idea, but if you really think that HE was the one for torture my good friend Charles, maybe you should read a book concerning the previous 8 years. I believe Rumsfield even said, “It’s not considered torture, if it’s not on US grounds,” which is not only an insult to our Constitution, but a mockery (This is concerning the torture camp at Guantanamo Bay, which Obama has made painstaking tactics to close…just incase you weren’t aware of that either)

    He’s also declared the Freedom of Information act during his first week…the Bush administration didn’t like us having…information…

    And down to Earth doesn’t even begin to describe our President, the mere fact that he can actually form a proper sentence should be enough for you.

    Thanks, and good afternoon to you “Charles”


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