Konocti cannot die!

I grew up listening to audio cassettes of Billy Joel, Cindy Lauper, Robert Palmer, Paula Abdul (hahaha) and my favorite—at the time—The Everly Brothers. I saw them perform at Konocti Harbor Resort & Spa as a kid (thanks to loving parents who brought their kids with them on all their vacations) for my first concert ever. I’ve also seen Hall & Oates put on an incredible show there. Good memories all around.



Last weekend I was staying in Clear Lake with some friends (awesome photos coming soon!) and the lake house just happened to be a few blocks down from Konocti. Styx, REO Speedwagon and .38 Special were all performing the second night I was there! I was excited as we’d be able to hear the outdoor concert from our balcony at such close proximity. One of our visitors ended up going to the concert, but came back not even an hour later. It was canceled.

Just imagine twisting and turning your way into Lake County for hours to see some of the greatest bands ever at a beautiful resort on a perfect concert day, and it’s canceled. Ouch. Turns out some lighting equipment/roof fixture fell during .38 Special’s first song (and yes, they were the first band to perform). OUCH. Oh, and did I mention this is part of the “Can’t Stop Rockin'” Tour? … OUCH!


Okay, I have to laugh now. The Can’t Stop Rockin’ Tour … STOPPED ROCKIN! AAAAAHAHHAHA. That’s exactly why if I ever open a business I’ll never use the words “eternal” or “forever” or “everlasting” or any conjugation thereof in the name of my product … WAY to much pressure to succeed… It would be funny to open a store called “We’ll Never Go Out Of Business,” only to purposely have it go out of business a month later. Ahhhh, if only I had lots and lots of money.

Here's a look of the empty stage. I'm not 100%, but I believe the two green borders on the top left are supposed to be connected. Yikes! I don't think anything fell, or anyone got hurt, so, yes, according to TBS it is "very funny"

Here's a look of the empty stage. I'm not 100%, but I believe the two green borders on the top left are supposed to be connected. Yikes! I don't think anything fell, or anyone got hurt, so, yes, according to TBS it is "very funny"

Anyway, Konocti has been good to Solano Magazine. They have donated in the past to our Classic For Kids fundraiser and have left me with some fond concert memories. But way out in the middle of nowhere, it may be hard for Konocti to bounce back from this monumental disaster—you don’t wanna tell Styx they can’t perform and have to stop rockin’ for the night … impossible … they’re RENEGADES! 😉  So support Konocti Harbor! But wait until they fix their roof. Otherwise, KonoctDIE will catch on faster than Obama’s fist jab.


Napa Valley Opera House

SFlogoLast Saturday night I went to the Napa Valley Opera House for the very first time. FINALLY. I’ve been wanting to get over there for a while and I picked a great night to do it! I made it out for the Best Of The SF Comedy Competition featuring Tommy Savitt, Huck Flyn, Shannon Gettins and host David Kleinberg.

David Kleinberg

David Kleinberg

Kleinberg started off the stand-up evening by explaining that at his age, the only difference between him and other comics is that he KNOWS he isn’t going anywhere with his comedy. He continued to disclaim that he was nervous being on stage, the wife doesn’t want him doing so much comedy, yadda yadda, but once he got goin’ he was a laugh a minute.

Shannon Gettins

Shannon Gettins

The opening act was Shannon Gettins. As most comedians have a punchline at the end of their jokes, Gettins has a kickline. There is no better emphasis then that of physically kicking out your aggression on stage, literally. I think she’s studied Tae-Kwon-Do.

Huck Flyn

Huck Flyn

Up next came Huck Flyn, a comic whose name is hard to forget thanks to the semblance to Mark Twain’s classic character. Deemed a “rock n’ roll comedian,” Flyn wasted very little time with normal stand-up style jokes before bringing out his lighting-carved acoustic guitar and impersonating the greats. For example, his Bruce Springsteen impression consisted of screaming and mumbling unintelligible lyrics. Aside from comedy, Flyn is an incredible guitarist; I’d have gone just to watch him play!

Tommy Savitt

Tommy Savitt

After a brief intermission we were greeted with headliner Tommy Savitt. A recent winner of both Seattle and Boston comedy competitions, his dry, over-the-top, incredibly sarcastic (hopefully!) humor was fantastic. An example of this hopeful sarcasm, with utmost sincerity he said: “Some guys stay with their woman after getting her pregnant. I would never do that … why should she have to support us BOTH!?” Yikes, haha. But we knew he was joking. An interesting side note: I went to an open-mic night at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles in July 2008 and remember a really funny act. I am fairly certain it was Savitt. Okay, I’m just going to say it: it WAS him! Crazy I know…


Disc-LAME-r: The views expressed in this blog are of the author’s opinion only, and are not necessarily that of Solano Magazine or its sponsors. So there…

Obama Correspondents' Dinner

I don’t often do this … but look at that guy. Just look at him! I’ve always felt incredibly inspired by Barack Obama’s character, but not until now have I felt a stronger urge to say so.


I am not a politician. I do not follow the minute details of government legislation. Has President Obama done a “good job” within his first 100 days? I don’t even care, well, not enough to speculate about it and determine what to expect for the next 1,300-plus days. He is who he is. We voted him in. What’s done is done. It’s outta my hands!!!

What I like about this guy is his attitude. He’s always realistic, considerate, understanding—and he actually seems to give a sh*t about people other than himself. Whether he’s genuine or not, people believe that he is. America has become a very selfish, intimidating environment. NOT everywhere, but that’s how the media generally represents us to the world, and ourselves. If people are told who they are, stereotypically, they may act accordingly. Mindset is the most important change America can ask for; Obama is the role model we need.

And he's in SHAPE! No way...                            (Way.)

And he's in SHAPE! No way... (Way.)

My dad once said to me, “In my life, everyone who I’ve met that looked like a scumbag, turned out to be just that:

(no relation to previous statement ........................ ;-)

a scumbag."

oooOOOOOooo … controversy. Hit me with your best shot.


The Good News

So what’s The Good News? Artistic, thought-provoking, intelligent, visceral; human. Anything that makes me think is a positive experience in my book. The Good News is the latest stageplay from Darkroom Productions in Vallejo. Written and directed by Jon Tracy, this Equity-approved project’s synopsis is: What is The Good News? Who are these people entering a dilapidated apartment complex? Why does no one leave? Where are they? What will come of this? It takes place on a Monday, and it is dark. The rest is reserved for the stage.

Jon Tracy on the stage of <i>The Good News</i>

Jon Tracy on the stage of The Good News

[The] Good News is a microcosmic example of the chaos of our mediated society,” writes Jim Strope of the SF Community Theater Examiner. “The play tantalized the audience with its mystery.  The acting was physical and the plentiful pushing and grabbing and assaulting was punctuated by gunfire.” There were some very loud noises and mature themes displayed in this play. Proceed with caution.

Eleana Wright (Snug)

Eleana Wright (Snug)

The entire experience was incredibly intimate. On an 8 x 10 foot space, the audience sat up close and personal, right there on the stage with the actors. The stage curtain closed to enclose an entirely new theatrical environment at the Fetterly Theater. The set was constructed of doors and windows which was just incredibly artistic. It added such a mystery to the disconnected play.  When asked why this play isn’t on the biggest stages in San Francisco, Jon Tracy responds, “It’s not ready … yet.” Despite the serious subject matter, aside from a few lighthearted laughs, it was quite refreshing to see something this inventive in Vallejo. More, more, more!

Fred Beeman (Dexter) and Jacqueline Haines (Z)

Fred Beeman (Dexter) and Jacqueline Haines (Z)

Only two days remain: This Friday and Saturday night. And seating is LIMITED! So don’t miss out. “I’m going to keep my eye on Darkroom Productions,” says Strope.  “They are dangerous people.  Their bold assault on traditional narrative creates an apt portrait of contemporary life.”

Purchase tickets HERE

More information HERE

View Strope’s article HERE