If I had a dime for every time I woke up with hundreds of goats walking up my street, I’d have 10 whole cents. This is what I saw when I looked out my window this morning:



Then I looked the other way, and saw this:

Is that goat eating my foliage? Lame...

MORE GOATS! And one of them's eating my foliage! ... Lame...

Then I went outside, and snapped this blurry photo, perhaps adding to the effect:

It's an amorphous goat blob! Run for the hills!

It's an amorphous goat blob! Run for the hills! er ... AWAY from the hills!!!

Once they left, I noticed something. Well … LOTS of someTHINGS … words just can’t explain:

The aftermath :'(

The aftermath 😥

Those goat bastards! Are they literally crapping 24/7 ? Don’t they ever take a break?! That is some efficient digestion … blech … I didn’t know what to do! How could I leave the house? I sure wasn’t driving ANYwhere in thAT mess … Was someone going to clean it up? Once all the goats were cleared a city bus drove down the street, which was kinda funny. But then some poor guy in a Land Rover came passing through, totally clueless.


Suddenly, I heard a loud rumble in the distance. I must say, I was quite relieved to see this:

Talk about a crap job

Talk about a crap job

There he is! The sweeper! Coming up the hill like a majestic crap-infested angel. He waved to me and everything, but left quite an image behind him:

Streakmarks! My street turned into one huge goat diaper

Streakmarks! (hahaha)

hillSo what were these goats doing here? I almost wish I hadn’t run into my neighbor the other day who told me this hill (right) was covered in goats and the street had been closed off for crap cleaning, because then the shock this morning would have been tenfold! Oh well, it was still a nice … well … interesting surprise.

These goats were obviously being used to “mow” the grass on said hill, perhaps as a “green” or “eco-friendly” means of landscaping. But after the goats walked up my street, and shat all over it, the sweeper must have driven up and down the hill in his big diesel-powered truck 10 times to clean it all up! Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose?

WELL … it turns out, upon speaking with the city, this was more of an “experiment” than anything. They are simply looking for the MOST efficient means of incorporating these goats as regular visitors to the Vallejo’s open space areas—no procedures are yet set in stone. Goats R Us in Orinda actually donated this 3-4 week service for free to help out the city of Vallejo. So not only are these goats environmentally friendly, but they’re communally friendly as well. Aww … :’ )

Check out the article at: solanomag.com


4 thoughts on “Goats!

  1. I can imagine the horror of an urban resident seeing their street covered with those little brown berries……but being a goat owner myself I can say that regardless of the type of “broom” used to sweep up the marbles, they are hard to control once they start rolling! Opening up a fire hydrant to wash them into the gutters would have been a better means to the clean up. And BTW…those goat beries are great plant food! I have wonderful tomatoes and cucumbers because of them.

    The goatie that you “named” Billy…..maybe should be renamed as she is a doe.


    • I have heard of this use for plant food … would it be weird if the city workers saw me run out into the street and hastily collect a few “marbles” before they cleaned it all up?

      Oh, and I renamed her “Billie” with appropriate spelling ::cringe:: Thanks for the tip!


  2. Are you as concerned about the emissions from your car? lawnmower? etc? Although you may have a point about the street sweeper.

    I can imagine your surprise and something should be done to make sure the goats are not eating people’s landscaping, there could be plants that are poisonous to the goats.

    I wonder why they did not just truck all the goats in.


  3. I love this! Goats as a weed control method are well known in rural areas, but this is the first time I have seen them used in an urban setting.

    Really enjoyed this blog, the photos are excellent, the commentary is funny, the concept is great.

    Thanks for an enjoyable read!


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