Blech… that’s all I have to say. I’m a theater arts major from Chico State. I’ve seen a fair share of musicals. Blech…

Not that the execution is bad, or the actors are poor, just the spectacle of it all is so contrived. It’s not real. How would everyone know to break into song at the same time, dance in unison and sing the same words all for the “very first time?” The only musical that makes sense to me is A Chorus Line. I was in Vallejo Music Theatre‘s production in the summer of 200 … 4? Anyway, there is no unnecessary singing and dancing in that show because the dancers have been trained to sing and dance in unison for a reason, in order to sing and dance in unison for NO reason in the show they’re auditioning for. Does this make sense?

The men, drooling over the women

The men, drooling over the women

Anyway, I just saw How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (above) at Solano College Theatre, and despite my distaste for musicals in general, I must say I was thoroughly entertained. The male chauvinist undertones (well, overtones … “grab ass” office etiquette was pretty apparent in this one), but that relationship to women in the workplace is a bit obsolete. I’m not too familiar with the show Mad Men, but I think this could be the musical version of that. Anyway, Solano College did a very good job with it. I suggest supporting these live theaters as much as possible. People really put a lot of time and energy into putting these shows together … yay …


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